The College of Liberal Arts presented the 2024 college awards to faculty and staff who are recognized for their contributions to their units, the college, the university, and to their colleagues and their profession/discipline. Five faculty members from the Department of Political Science received awards which were presented on Thursday, April 25, 2024, at the All-College Meeting and Awards event in the Lory Student Center Theatre.

John N. Stern Distinguished Professor: Dimitris Stevie

This award is presented annually by the College of Liberal Arts to honor faculty who have demonstrated exemplary accomplishments in all aspects of their professional responsibilities over an extended period of time. The awards are given in the name of John N. Stern, who has endowed the award as part of his donations to the College.

Professor Dimitris Stevis has worked in the Department of Political Science at CSU for over 33 years and specializes in international environmental politics. One nominator writes that Stevis “continues to distinguish the department internationally in the scholarly arena[s] of global environmental studies, pedagogy, and service.” Another nominator describes Stevis as “an exceptional scholar who has made extensive and very significant contributions to an array of studies, and not least, advanced how we understand and might respond to today’s array of economic, environmental and global crises.”

Distinction in Curricular Innovation Award: James “Pigeon” Fielder

This award is presented in recognition of a member of the College faculty who has made outstanding contributions to curricular innovation in the College. Curricular innovation may include, but is not limited to, such areas as program development, instructional methods, service learning, and technology integration.

Dr. James “Pigeon” Fielder is the recipient of this year’s Distinction in Curricular Innovation Award. His nominator writes that Dr. Fielder “is a world class teacher and scholar who has made substantial and original contributions to the art and science of teaching… [and developed] pedagogical strategies for using games and simulations in the political science classroom.” Dr. Fielder has over two decades of experience designing, executing, and assessing training exercises and wargames – some of which he has incorporated into his courses at both Colorado State University and the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Excellence in Teaching: Julia Lee

The College of Liberal Arts Excellence in Teaching Award honors faculty who contribute to an engaging, supportive, inclusive academic environment through their teaching.

As a standout faculty member, Dr. Julia Lee is described by her nominator as going above and beyond to create inclusive classrooms where her students can dive into difficult topics with diverse perspectives. Her teaching style is not just about passing on her knowledge, but shaping engaged citizens who can think critically about the world around them. Beyond her lectures and coursework, she is considered a rock for her students, always willing to offer support and resources.

Outstanding Service Award: Allison White

This award recognizes a member of the College who has made outstanding service contributions to a CLA department, the College, University, profession, and/or community.

Dr. Allison White, Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Administration, is recognized for her extensive service to the college exhibited through efforts such as “chairing the graduate admissions committee for the MPPA program, serving as the primary academic contact for incoming and current students, internal recruitment, and advising students in our Accelerated Master’s Program with International Studies and all students in the International Policy and Management specialization.” Dr. White has also served as Interim Director and Program Coordinator for the Master of Public Policy and Administration program.

Distinction in Outreach: Alexis Kennedy

The Distinction in Outreach Award is presented in recognition of a member of the College who has shown an exemplary commitment to outreach.

Dr. Alexis Kennedy, Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Administration, is this year’s recipient of the Distinction in Outreach award. Dr. Kennedy’s nominator writes that she “makes unique and sustainable connections with constituencies outside the University… through establishing connections with many non-profit organizations, participating in regional initiatives, collaborating with public organizations, and working closely with the City of Fort Collins.” Dr. Kennedy also has “recruited a dozen organizations to work with students on their capstone projects” for the Master of Public Policy and Administration program.