Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Colorado State University’s Bachelor of Art’s degree in political science covers a breadth of the political science discipline, teaching students to think critically and solve complex problems, while preparing students for a wide variety of careers both nationally and internationally. Check out our undergraduate program brochure here!



We offer four areas of concentration, offering opportunities for a broad degree or one with a more focused area of politics and policy. CSU's political science students can choose a broad Political Science B.A. or a focused degree in Environmental Politics and Policy, Global Politics and Policy, or U.S. Government, Law and Public Policy.

Capstone Seminars

Learn more about our special topics courses that allow students to apply their political science knowledge to more in-depth exploration of a particular issue. The department offers at least one capstone seminar focused on environmental politics and policy each year.

Accelerated Degree Programs

Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree

Colorado State University’s Accelerated Program offers political science students a pathway to graduate in 3 to 3.5 years instead of 4 years. Students who choose the Accelerated Program typically take 15-16 credits each fall and spring semester for three years, plus 6-9 credits over two or three summer sessions to earn their bachelor’s degree quicker.

Accelerated Master’s Degree

The Accelerated Master’s Degree provides a pathway for qualified political science undergraduate students to complete a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in political science in one year.


Students not majoring in political science can choose a general-interest political science minor focusing on government, politics, and public affairs. Political science majors are encouraged to pursue a minor. Some recommended interdisciplinary minors include Environmental Affairs, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, or Political Communication.

For questions regarding minors, please contact:
Lauren Tighe

CSU Online Political Science Bachelor's Degree Program

Undergraduate Advising Resources

The political science department pairs students with an Academic Success Coordinator (or ASC). Your ASC will be with you throughout your entire time as an undergraduate and is here to help you get the most out of your college experience. Your ASC will help you register for classes, recommend courses based on your interests, and familiarize you with other opportunities both within the department and on campus, such as education abroad, clubs, internships, and minors.

The College of Liberal Arts Academic Support Center is here to help you start the process.

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