For as long as Samantha (Sami) May can remember, she has been interested in a career in law. Driven by her curiosity and desire to learn more about the inner workings of the legal system, she chose a concentration in political science in order to support her future career endeavors. Growing up in a tight-knit family nearby in Colorado Springs, May knew she could achieve both her professional and personal goals by attending Colorado State University. “One of the reasons I chose CSU was to be close enough to my family to go home for a visit, but far enough away to foster my own independence,” says May.

With a long history of involvement and dedication to the College of Liberal Arts, May has been selected to be the CLA Fall 2022 student commencement speaker. May will be graduating with a degree in Political Science in U.S. Government, Law, and Policy along with minors in Legal Studies and Criminal Justice. A main theme of May’s commencement speech will be the importance of a college education far beyond the lessons taught in a classroom. She will stress the importance of turning struggles and challenges into something positive, and use the knowledge gained at CSU to bring people together to make a difference in the world.

May is a long-time member of the Liberal Arts Dean Leadership Council, and has been the council’s Director of Records for the past year. She has been a senator in the ASCSU, and was the Vice-Chair of the Internal Affairs Committee. She helped write many bills on food security as well as for the distribution of funds for accessibility and inclusivity. May was also a member of the Board for Student Organization Funding which provided money to student organizations to fund various events that they hosted. She was a contributing member of the UFFAB which funded many beneficial projects during her time with them, such as the renovation of classrooms, lab spaces, new furniture in the BSB, and a deck and elevator at the CIRA commons building on the Foothills campus. May also found time to be involved in the Navigator ministry group as well as the pre-law club. In addition to her on-campus activities, May completed an internship acquired through the Straayer Center’s partnership with the Washington Center, where she worked for a small law firm in Washington, D.C. during the summer of 2021.

May’s plans beyond graduation continue her on the path of law. “My plan is to go to law school, and eventually work for the FBI. I would love to do intelligence work at some point,”  says May.