Hate in the Homeland: Speaker looks at surprisingly mainstream roots where far-right extremism is cultivated

On Oct. 17, author and scholar of extremism and radicalization Cynthia Miller-Idriss will speak at “Hate in the Homeland: Far Right Threats to Democracy and What We Can Do,” part of Colorado State University’s Thematic Year of Democracy.

Sam Stoltz Selected as Spring ’23 CLA Student Commencement Speaker

Political science student, Sam Stoltz, has been selected as the College of Liberal Arts Spring 2023 student commencement speaker. Stoltz will be graduating on Saturday with a double major in Political Science (Global Politics concentration) and International Studies (Middle East North Africa concentration). “I chose these programs because I’m really interested in the extensive history […]

Celebrate! Provost Awards for 2023

Since the annual Celebrate! Colorado State has grown beyond the capacity to acknowledge all award recipients at a single event, the Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President is holding a separate private luncheon this year to recognize its recipients for distinguished teaching and scholarship, faculty excellence, service, advising and leadership-related awards on behalf of the academic enterprise.