Navigating Borders: Could water be a bridge between U.S. and Mexico?

Because both the Rio Grande and Colorado rivers’ headwaters begin in the U.S. and flow across the border, both sides depend on the other for the water. Since the 1990s, getting enough of that water has been a problem compounded by a booming population and climate change. The common problem has forced the two countries […]

Inconsistency and Indecision in the United States Supreme Court

Author: Matthew Hitt Summary: The United States Supreme Court exists to resolve constitutional disputes among lower courts and the other branches of government, allowing elected officials, citizens, and businesses to act without legal uncertainty. American law and society function more effectively when the Court resolves these ambiguous questions of Constitutional law. Since lower courts must […]

Women in Turkey: Silent Consensus at the Age of Neoliberalism and Islamic Conservatism

Author: Gamze Çavdar Summary: This book provides a socio-economic examination of the status of women in contemporary Turkey, assessing how policies have combined elements of neoliberalism and Islamic conservatism. Using rich qualitative and quantitative analyses, Women in Turkey analyses the policies concerning women in the areas of employment, education and health and the fundamental transformation […]

Just Transitions: Social Justice in the Shift Towards a Low-Carbon World

Author: Dimitris Stevis, Edouard Morena, Dunja Krause Summary: “In the field of ‘climate change’, no terrain goes uncontested. The terminological tug of war between activists and corporations, scientists and governments, has seen radical notions of ‘sustainability’ emptied of urgency and subordinated to the interests of capital. ‘Just Transition’ is the latest such battleground, and the […]

Home Style Opinion: How Local Newspapers Can Slow Polarization

Author: Matthew Hitt, Joshua Darr, Johanna Dunaway Summary: Local newspapers can hold back the rising tide of political division in America by turning away from the partisan battles in Washington and focusing their opinion page on local issues. When a local newspaper in California dropped national politics from its opinion page, the resulting space filled […]

Mourning in America: Race and the Politics of Loss

Author: David W. McIvor Summary: Recent years have brought public mourning to the heart of American politics, as exemplified by the spread and power of the Black Lives Matter movement, which has gained force through its identification of pervasive social injustices with individual losses. The deaths of Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin, […]