PhD Student


  • Role:

    Graduate Student
  • Position:

    • PhD Student
    • Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • Concentration:

    • Environmental Politics and Policy
  • Department:

    • Political Science
  • Education:

    • Political Science Phd Student
    • Masters in Legal Studies- Texas State University
    • Bachelors of Arts in Political Science & Economics- Our Lady of the Lake University


Brownsville, Texas is a year-round subtropical climate city surrounded by palm trees, unique birds, the Gulf of Mexico and the fifth longest river in North America known as the Rio Grande. Growing up I enjoyed sticking my head out the window so that I could feel the cool evening breeze, as I heard the different birds from a distance. My favorite part was being able to breathe in the clean fresh air that made me feel as if I were near the ocean or under a tree. As humans, it is my belief that we each hold a beautiful scene of nature that represents and reminds us of home. 

Through time I have been able to see several policies affect my home’s environment which has in turn created this passion for preservation. During my master’s program I decided that my applied research project would be a representation of how Texas defines “what is a pollutant or contaminant.” I realized that my project only examined a small percentage of a topic. As I continued to research, I had the opportunity to co- author and publish an article into a social science journal. This research showcased a small piece of the environmental impacts that African Americans and Hispanic members of the Dunbar community have faced due to policies implemented for water displacement in San Marcos, Texas. 

As I pursue a doctoral degree in Political Science at Colorado State University, I aim to research current vital issues that face the world today such as: pollution, access to clean water, and preservation of places people call home. With a doctoral degree I seek to obtain a higher set of knowledge that will allow me to provide effective research. That will in turn showcase the voices of those directly impacted by policies that lawmakers create. One of my long-term goals is that, one day, my research can represent the voice of those that feel unheard, and provide representation of minority communities. Most importantly I hope to be able to teach and inspire students to become passionate about issues that directly impact them and their homes. 

Without a doubt Colorado State University will provide the best resources and inspiration to continue researching the topics I am deeply passionate about.



  • Ashford-Hanserd, S. N., Sarmiento, E. R., Myles, C. C., Roundtree, A. K., Hayton, M.-P. E., Ybarra, E., … Maleki, S. (2020). African American experiences in the historic Dunbar neighborhood in San Marcos, Texas: A case study of counter-life stories. Social Sciences, 9(10).