Kyle L. Saunders is Professor of Political Science at Colorado State University. Saunders also serves as the NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative for the institution. 

Professor Saunders' studies and interests include American politics, with particular emphases on political parties, political behavior, public opinion, elections, public policy, and research methodology.

Saunders' research can be found in some of the field's best peer-reviewed journals including the American Journal of Political Science, the Journal of Politics, Political Research Quarterly and Comparative Political Studies, as well as in many other outlets.

Saunders' Google Scholar profile can be found here at this link: GOOGLE SCHOLAR.


Publications 2015-2018:

  • Hitt, Matthew P., Kyle L. Saunders, and Kevin M. Scott. 2018. “Justice Speaks, But Who's Listening? Mass Public Awareness of U.S. Supreme Court Cases.” Journal of Law and Courts 7:1.
  • Saunders, Kyle L. 2017. “The Impact of Elite Frames and Motivated Reasoning on Beliefs in a Global Warming Conspiracy: The Promise and Limits of Trust” Research and Politics 4, no. 3: 1-14.
  • Miller, Joanne M., Kyle L. Saunders, and Christina E. Farhart. 2016. “Conspiracy Endorsement as Motivated Reasoning: The Moderating Roles of Political Knowledge and Trust.” American Journal of Political Science 60: 824–844. doi:10.1111/ajps.12234.
  • * An earlier version of this paper was awarded the Paul Lazarsfeld Award, which recognizes the best paper on political communication presented at the previous year’s Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association.
  • Miller, Joanne M. and Kyle L. Saunders. 2015. “It's Not All about Resources: Explaining (or Not) the Instability of Individual-Level Political Participation Over Time.” American Politics Research 44:6:943-981.
  • Joanne M. Miller and Kyle L. Saunders. 2016. “Conspiracy Theories in the United States: More Commonplace than Ordinary.” Critical Review 28(1):127-136.
  • Megan Ruxton and Kyle L. Saunders. 2016. “The Roles of Apathy and Trust in American Elections” in Why Don't Americans Vote? Causes and Consequences by Bridgett King (ed.) New York: ABC-CLIO.


  • POLS 302–Parties and Elections in the US