Assistant Professor



Jessie Harney is an Assistant Professor at Colorado State University and a graduate of UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy. Her research interests are in justice system reform, with much of her work focusing on: 1) how to improve the mental health of frontline workers in these systems; 2) understanding how the well-being of frontline workers impacts service delivery to system-impacted populations; and 3) understanding how to improve the well-being of system-impacted individuals and families through specific, direct services or policies. Her previous publications have appeared in journals such as Criminal Justice & Behavior, The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, & Criminal Justice Policy Review. Media releases, working papers, and current projects can be found on her website here.


  • PPA 665 – Public Policy Analysis

  • PPA 501 – Program Evaluation and Quantitative Methods

  • PPA 580A1 – Health and Justice

  • PPA 543 – Evidence-Based Decision Making