Ph.D. Candidate/Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • Role:

    Graduate Student
  • Position:

    • Ph.D. Candidate/Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • Concentration:

    • Environmental Politics and Policy
    • International Relations
    • Public Policy/Policy Analysis
  • Department:

    • Political Science
  • Education:

    • PhD in Political Science – Environmental Politics and Policy Specialization
    • Master of Philosophy in Public Policy
    • Certificates in Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods (University of Amsterdam)
    • Certificate in Technical Writing (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology)
    • Bachelor of Science in Biosciences


Saira is a PhD Student in the Political Science Department. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Biosciences where she developed her interest in environmental issues and the policy tools to tackle them. To follow up on that, she pursued her Master's degree in Public Policy and she cherishes her background in biosciences as it helps her understand the intricacies of natural systems for which policies are devised. Her research analyzes policy directives of international organizations that promote climate-smart practices to uplift climate-vulnerable communities in the face of water and food security challenges. She is currently studying the policy interventions for blue-green approaches to sustainable water management as a global solution for climate change mitigation.