PhD Candidate


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    Graduate Student
  • Position:

    • PhD Candidate
  • Concentration:

    • American Politics
    • Environmental Politics and Policy
    • Public Policy/Policy Analysis
  • Department:

    • Political Science


Erin is a PhD candidate in the department of political science where she studies American politics, environmental politics, and public policy/policy analysis. She obtained her BA in political science from Georgia Gwinnett College in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Erin's research focuses on political behavior and psychology, i.e., political participation, elections, and public opinion, as well as the dynamics of risk and crises. You can find Erin's most recent publications in Scientific Reports, British Journal of Political Science, Research & Politics, Presidential Studies Quarterly, and Global Studies Quarterly.


Fitz, Erin B., Dominik A. Stecuła, Matthew P. Hitt, and Kyle L. Saunders. 2024. "Objective Numeracy Exacerbates Framing Effects from Decision-Making Under Political Risk." Scientific Reports 14(10473).

Fitz, Erin B. "Information Processing." Forthcoming in Alessandro Nai and Max Grömping (Eds.), Edward Elgar Encyclopedia of Political Communication.

Fitz, Erin B. and Kyle L. Saunders. "Distrusting the Process: Electoral Trust, Operational Ideology, and Non-Voting Political Participation in the 2020 American Electorate." Forthcoming at Public Opinion Quarterly. 

Farhart, Christina E., Erin B. Fitz, Joanne M. Miller, and Kyle L. Saunders. 2023. "By Any Memes Necessary: Belief- and Chaos-Driven Motives for Sharing Conspiracy Theories on Social Media." Research & Politics.

Fitz, Erin B. 2023. "Going Green or Making Green? The Effects of Partisanship and Inflation on Environmental Executive Orders, 1945 - 2020." Presidential Studies Quarterly 53(1): 97 - 110.

Gricius, Gabriella and Erin B. Fitz. 2022. "Can Exceptionalism Withstand Crises? An Evaluation of the Arctic Council’s Response to Climate Change and Russia’s War on Ukraine." Global Studies Quarterly 2 (3).

Young, Laura D. and Erin B. Fitz. 2021. "Who Are the 3 Per Cent? The Connections Among Climate Change Contrarians." British Journal of Political Science 52(4):1503-1522.