Bradley J. Macdonald received his BA in Political Science at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and his MA and PhD in Political Science from UCLA. His primary research focus is in contemporary political theory with a particular focus on Western Marxism, critical theory, postmodern political theory, and issues related to cultural politics (or the way in which art/popular culture reinforce and/or resist relations of power). He is the author of William Morris and the Aesthetic Constitution of Politics (Lexington Books 1999) and Performing Marx: Contemporary Negotiations of a Living Tradition (SUNY Press 2006). He is also the editor for Theory as a Prayerful Act: The Collected Essays of James B. Macdonald (Peter Lang 1995) and (with R. L. Rutsky) Strategies for Theory: From Marx to Madonna (SUNY Press 2003). He was a founding member and a managing editor of the interdisciplinary theory journal, Strategies: A Journal of Theory, Culture, and Politics, and Associate Editor of New Political Science: A Journal of Politics & Culture. He currently is the Book Series Editor for SUNY Series in "New Political Science."


  • POLS 520: Theories of Political Action


    Overview of contemporary theoretical reflections on political action and power.

  • POLS 492: Capstone Seminar


    The politics and culture of the 1960s