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Doctoral Students, 2015-2016

AngstadtMike Angstadt Fields of Study: International Relations, Environmental Politics and Policy, and American Politics
Mike is a PhD candidate in the Department of Political Science. His studies emphasize international relations, environmental politics, and American politics. As an attorney with specialization in environmental and international law, Mike researches the confluence of judicial politics, international relations, and environmental law. While at CSU, Mike is examining the rise of dedicated environmental courts, and the influence of judicial structure on environmental outcomes.
BloxomJenna Bloxom Fields of Study: International Relations, Environmental Politics and Policy, and Comparative Politics
About: Jenna Bloxom is a doctoral candidate who received her B.A. in political science and Spanish at Wake Forest University and her Master’s degree in Latin American Studies at the University of Arizona. Bloxom’s past research scholarships have taken her to four countries in the Western hemisphere to conduct fieldwork and have resulted in original research regarding the broader political and socio-economic effects of water privatization in developing states, the consequences of various political management choices of water resources, and the evolving regional and international power dynamics regarding biodiesel from both micro-algae and African palm oil. Bloxom currently centers her research on the international political economy of energy, the future of renewable fuels, and the impacts of bio-based fuels on natural resource management, particularly with respect to the water-energy nexus. Her dissertation examines the viability and logistics of the emerging global production network associated with synthetic, paraffinic bio-based aviation fuel and the role of U.S. innovation in shaping this nascent commodity. In conjunction with her focus on the political and policy-based implications of the production and utilization of renewable fuels and green hydrocarbons, Bloxom is also educated at the doctoral level in the technical and scientific realities of bio-based energy through her training as a research fellow in the National Science Foundation’s IGERT (Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship) program. Since completing her multi-disciplinary training fellowship, she now acts as an instructor for the IGERT program and works with scientists and engineers to convey the importance of policies shaping prospective energy opportunities at the national and global level. She also teaches Introduction to International Relations to undergraduates and recently published a case study in the book, Local Economic Development and the Environment (2013).
DSCN0485 (2)Jeff Cook Fields of Study: Environmental Politics and Policy, Public Administration and Public Policy, American Politics
About: Jeff’s research focuses on federal and state environmental and natural resources regulatory policy with a special emphasis on the interface between interest groups and agency personnel.  Some of his published work in these fields is available in Review of Policy Research, Environmental Policy and Governance, the Journal of Natural Resource Policy Research, and the International Journal of Public Administration.  Jeff is also a research associate at the Center for the New Energy Economy in Ft. Collins, Colorado, and a graduate policy analyst intern at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado.  Prior to joining CSU,  Jeff received a master’s degree in environmental science and policy at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, where he also received a bachelor’s degree in environmental politics and policy, political science, and public administration.
Seth CrewSeth Crew Fields of Study: Environmental Politics & Policy; American Politics; and Public Administration and PolicyAbout: Seth Crew is a first-year Ph.D student who received his B.A. in political science at Georgia State University in Atlanta and received his Master’s degree in natural resources at the University of Georgia. In his Master’s program, he studied a broad range of topics including outdoor recreation management, human dimensions of natural resources, natural resource/environmental policy and law, and human/environment social theory. He also earned a certificate in conservation ecology and a certificate in environmental ethics. In his program at Colorado State, Seth wants to explore environmental politics with an emphasis on the structure of U.S. government. He is interested in questions of federalism, judicial interpretation of environmental laws, political attitudes of environmental policies, governance and conflicts over resource use, and environmental institutions.
Chelsea DeCarloChelsea DeCarlo Fields of Study: Political Theory, Environmental Politics and Policy, and International Relations.
About: Chelsea received her BA in Political Science and Philosophy from Indiana University, and her MA in Political Science from Colorado State University. Chelsea’s research interests include environmental and ecological justice and eco-centric theory. In particular, she is interested in establishing connections between postcolonial theory and transnational environmental and ecological conditions of injustice. Relatedly, she approaches these issues from both a structural orientation and a position that acknowledges the diversity of ways that injustice can manifest at the micro levels of politics.
DeMastersMegan DeMasters Fields of Study: Public Administration and Public Poliy, Environmental Politics and Policy, and American Politics
About: Megan is currently a  Ph.D candidate in the department.  She graduated from Idaho State University in 2010 with a B.A. in International Studies  and from the University of Utah in 2012 with a Masters in Public Administration with an emphasis in Natural Resources Management. While at the University of Utah Megan was the Recycling Program Analyst for Wasatch Front Waste and Recycling District. Megan’s research interests include environmental policy with an emphasis in water quality and water scarcity concerns at the local state and federal level. Within this area she is interested in intergovernmental relations, implementation, and policy outcomes. Megan’s recent publications include: “Ensuring Compliance with Interstate Water Compacts at the State and Local Levels: A Case Study of the Arkansas River Compact” Environmental Practice and “Working with Federal and State Actors On Successful Implementation of Sustainable Economic Development Programs” PA Times.  Megan was also the 2015 winner of the “Best Student Paper” awarded by the APSA Section on Environmental and Natural Resource Administration (SENRA).
Desiree Fiske Desiree Fiske Fields of Study: International Relations; Political Theory, and Environmental Politics and Policy
About: Desirée is a first year PhD pursuing research projects within International Relations, Political Theory, and Environmental Politics.  Desirée completed yer undergraduate BA degree at UMass Amherst with a BA in Political Science and certificate in International Relations and completed her MA at CSU in 2015.  Carrying forward her MA research project on a transnational network organizing global citizen deliberations, Desirée is interested in the ability to communicate the values, results, and processes of deliberations to stakeholders and experts, sharing the political complexity of environmental issues with scientists, and engaging citizens in mini-public processes to confront socio-eco-political issues, such as climate change.  Desirée’s research is situated within literature of global governance, local context, and discursive democratic theory.
FryerZoe Fryer Fields of Study: Political Theory, Environmental Politics and Policy, and Comparative Politics
About: Upon beginning higher education as a non-traditional student at St. Petersburg College in Florida, Zoe transferred to Western State Colorado University. After four years in Gunnison Valley, she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Politics and Government with an emphasis in pre-law and environmental studies. Zoe obtained a Master’s degree with a focus in Political Theory and Environmental Policy at Colorado State University. Zoe is currently a doctoral student with primary research interests in Jean-Jacques Rousseau, hydraulic fracturing, democracy, environmental policy, and law.
GingrasSharmini Gingras Fields of Study: Political Theory, Environmental Politics and Policy, and Comparative Politics
About: Sharmini Gingras graduated from the University of London with a Bachelor’s Degree in Law in 1997 and subsequently passed the Malaysian Bar exams in 1998. She taught English Constitutional Law, Land Law and Australian Administrative and Constitutional Law in Malaysia for partner universities such as Oxford Brookes University, University of London and University of Tasmania. In 2002, she graduated from the University of Malaya with a Master’s in Law where she focused on International Constitutional Law, Advanced Administrative Law, International Human Rights Law and International Environmental Law. In 2003, she moved to Colorado with her husband. In 2013, she was accepted into the Ph.D. program at the Political Science department in Colorado State University. Her primary research revolves around green jobs and feminism in South East Asia.
Kat HodgsonKat Hodgson Fields of Study: International Relations; Comparative Politics; Environmental Politics and Policy  About: Kat is a first-year PhD student who is looking to apply international relations, environmental politics, and comparative politics to issues around environmental cooperation in the Arctic region.  She earned her B.A. in Russian Studies and Political Science from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, her M.A. in Russian Area Studies from Indiana University.
HofferKatherine Heriot Hoffer Fields of Study: Environmental Politics and Policy, Public Administration and Public Policy, and American Politics.
About: Katherine received a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the Metropolitan State College of Denver and a M.A. in Political Science from Colorado State University. Katherine’s research interests include U.S. energy politics and policy and public lands. Katherine’s past research appears in venues such as Publius: The Journal of Federalism and Policy Sciences.
Nichola Jeffery (002)Nichola Jeffrey Fields of Study: Environmental Politics and Policy; American Politics; and Public Administration and Policy
About: Nikki is a 1st year PhD student in the Political Science Department. She received her B.A. in English from Cal State Fullerton and her M.A. in Environmental Policy with an emphasis on Energy and Sustainability from the University of Denver. Nikki’s research interests include the role of special interest groups and the impacts of subsidies, specifically when related to agriculture.
 ckoerner3 (2)Cassandra Koerner Fields of Study: Public Administration and Public Policy, Environmental Politics and Policy, and American Politics
About: Cassandra Koerner earned her Bachelor of Science degree in natural resource conservation from the University of Montana and a Master of Public Administration from Boise State University. Her current research interests focus on energy and environmental policy in the U.S., examining vacillating public opinion and its potential linkages to media coverage and individual patterns of information acquisition through new media sources. Ms. Koerner has published articles and book chapters regarding nuclear perceptions, carbon sequestration, international carbon markets, as well as other general energy and environmental issues.
LewisAmy Lewis Fields of Study: Comparative Politics, Environmental Politics and Policy, and Public Administration and Public Policy.
About: While an undergraduate at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Amy studied the relationship between the meatpacking industry and agricultural migrancy along Colorado’s Front Range. Before returning to graduate school, she founded and directed an award-winning nonprofit that provided valuable computer skills, including graphic design and web development, to families transitioning away from migrancy in the St. Vrain Valley school district. Her master’s thesis, Saving Grace and the Environment, uses comparative social movement analysis to examine the role of the state in shaping the agenda of environmental-religious social movements in the US and Canada. As a doctoral candidate and instructor in political science at CSU, her interests have returned to industrial food production and she is now researching variation in competitive opportunities for opposition groups in the pesticide subsystems of the US, Mexico, and Canada. Amy was a CSU Martin Luther King Jr. fellow in 2010-2011. In October 2014, she was selected to deliver a TEDxCSU talk on the role of science in policy-making.
Morgann 2016Morgann Means Fields of Study: Environmental Politics and Policy, Political Theory, and Public Administration and Public Policy
About: Morgann received her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Colorado Mesa University (formerly Mesa State College) in 2010 and completed her M.A. in Political Science at Colorado State University in 2013. As a doctoral student, Morgann’s primary research interests revolve around studying the diverse and highly contested conceptualizations of environmental sustainability both within the theoretical literature and in practice. Morgann is also passionate about engaging with transformative ecopolitical theories, such as social ecology and ecofeminism, and exploring the potential of these theoretical frameworks to inform political action and remediate pressing environmental concerns.
Hye Yoon ParkHyeyoon Park Fields of Study: International Relations; Environmental Politics and Policy; Public Policy Administration
About: Hyeyoon is a Ph.D. student in Political Science focusing on global environmental governance, environmental foreign policy, and multiple interactions between international environmental politics and domestic policies. Her current research themes are as follows: 1) global/regional environmental governance for managing transboundary environmental problems, beyond geopolitical conflicts between countries, 2) interactive influences between the climate change issue and the issues of energy and natural resources in global governance, 3) the impact of international negotiations about environmental problems on domestic politics and policies (and vice versa). She graduated from Yonsei University in South Korea with her bachelor’s degree in Political Science (major) and Law (minor). In 2008, she moved to Germany and received her M.A. in Political Science from Free University of Berlin. Her master’s thesis was a comparative case study between regional environmental regimes for transboundary atmospheric problems in the EU and Northeast Asia. Prior to coming to Colorado State University, she worked in Korea Environment Institute (KEI) as a policy researcher and published several policy papers: “Environmental governance in Northeast Asia (TEMM joint research between China, Japan and Korea, 2012)”, “Research on Inter-Korea Cooperation for Stream Restoration and Watershed Management (KEI, 2012)” etc. She is fluent in Korean (native language), English, and German.
RuxtonMegan Ruxton Fields of Study: American Politics, Environmental Politics and Policy, and Public Administration and Public Policy.
About: Megan is a PhD candidate with subfields in American politics, public administration and public policy, and environmental politics. Research interests include public attitudes on scientifically and technologically complex environmental issues, the intersection between science and policy, and voting behavior. She is in the early stages of dissertation research, and will be focusing on how trust in government and perceptions of risk and sacrifice affect public attitudes regarding environmental government programs in Canada and the United States.
Brent Spencer Brent Spencer Fields of Study:  Comparative Politics; International Relations; and Environmental Politics and Policy
About:  Brent received a bachelor’s degree in geography with a minor in Latin American studies and a master’s degree in public administration both from the University of Utah.  He completed a second Master’s degree in history at Florida Gulf Coast University with thesis research focusing on the exploration and construction of rail, highway, and fluvial communication routes and the development of national identities in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Bolivia. As a doctoral student at CSU, he intends to refocus his research on environmental political concerns surrounding canal and port infrastructure in Central America.  Brent has lived abroad in Latin America for nearly five years (including two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Bolivia) and speaks Spanish, Portuguese, and some Quechua.  He is the Director of Study Abroad and Exchanges at the University of Northern Colorado.
Cody Woods - CopyCody Woods Fields of Study: International Relations, Environmental Politics and Policy, and Comparative Politics
About: Cody Woods graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2012 with a BBA in economics and his Master’s in International Affairs with an emphasis on international political economy in 2015.  Cody’s research analyzes how the environment is affected through trade, technology, and security threats.  He is also interested in understanding how non-state actors and social movements compel countries to establish new environmental programs.   When he is not examining environmental politics Cody’s hobby areas of interest include monetary politics and terrorism.

Masters Students, 2015-2016

Trevor Abeyta (002)Trevor Abeyta Fields of Study: Environmental Politics and Policy; Public Policy and Administration About: Trevor graduated from Colorado State University in 2014 with bachelors in Political Science. His research interests include Public Administration, Public Policy and Environmental Policy. Trevor is a Colorado native, and in his free time he enjoys trail running, hiking, and good Mexican food.


AdlerJacob Adler Environmental Politics and Policy; Public Policy and Administration
About: Jacob is a native of Colorado’s high country and a Colorado State alumnus. His research and professional interests include environmental policy process and theory, public lands use, water rights, non-profit organizations, and Colorado politics.
AllenBrady Allen Fields of Study: International Relations; Comparative Politics
About: Brady holds an associate of Arts degree in Outdoor Education from Colorado Mountain College (2004), and a Bachelor of Arts in History from Colorado State University (2010). Brady Allen served for over four years with the US Army’s 10th Mountain Division including combat deployments to Afghanistan (2006) and Iraq (2008). Additionally, Brady served just less than four years as municipal police officer in the mountains of Colorado. Brady’s primary focus for his MA is international relations with interest in the development, evolution, and strategies of extremist political organizations in the world.
ApplemanKendra Appleman-Eastvedt Fields of Study: Environmental Politics and Policy; Public Policy and Administration; American Politics
About: This is Kendra’s first year as both a Graduate Teaching Assistant and a graduate student. Kendra received her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from California State University at Long Beach and has returned to the world of higher education after many years in the workplace. When not studying, Kendra enjoys spending time outdoors in beautiful Colorado with her husband, daughter, and two dogs, Chiquita and Mimi. She is eager to meet and assist other CSU students.
CannonCollin Cannon Fields of Study: Political Theory; American Politics
About: Collin graduated from the University of Northern Colorado in 2013 with a double major in Political Science and Philosophy. His interests include Political Philosophy and American political economy, as well as philosophy of religion, moral philosophy, hermeneutics, and virtue ethics. In the past few years, Collin has worked as a campaign manager for Environment New Mexico, interned in DC for a member of the House, and completed a campaign fellowship with the Colorado Democratic Party.
ClymerLauren Clymer Fields of Study: Environmental Policy and Politics; Public Policy and Administration
About: Lauren is originally from the North Chicago suburbs. Lauren completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Colorado State University. Lauren is interested in public deliberation and bridging the communication gap between scientists and policy makers. Additionally, Lauren has interest in how the bureaucracy can be used to help the environment.
Rachel Einstat (002)Rachel Eisenstat Fields of Study: Environmental Politics and Policy; Public Policy and Administration  About: Rachel earned her BA with Honors in Peace, Justice & Conflict Studies at Goshen College in Goshen, IN.  She is returning to academia after several years of nonprofit work and life as a working musician in Denver.  Her research interests focus on dynamics of race and gender (particularly in regards to how public policy shapes and is shaped by these identities), effective peacebuilding processes, and environmental justice.
GreggWilliam Gregg Fields of Study: International Relations; Political Theory
About:Will is a second year MA student and currently holds a bachelor’s degree in political science with a minor in history from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. His areas of interest and concern revolve largely around the growth of global economic inequality and the contradictions of a neoliberal era that simultaneously offers seemingly unprecedented levels of growth for some of the world, while deteriorating civil society and equity in other nations. Specifically, he intends to apply Antonio Gramsci’s hegemonic theory to international relations in order to uncover the systematic roots of the contradictions present in contemporary political economic trajectories.
HildebrandtLorena Hildebrandt Fields of Study: Comparative Politics; Environmental Politics and Policy
About:Lorena obtained her BA in Political Science from Winthrop University and is currently pursuing an MA in Environmental Politics at Colorado State University. Lorena works within a comparative perspective to analyze issues of environmental justice, ecofeminism, and environmental conflict. She is particularly interested in territoriality, natural resource conflicts and indigenous movements in South Asia.
Julianne Liebenguth (002)Julie Liebenguth Fields of Study: Environmental Politics and Policy; International RelationsAbout:  Julie graduated from West Virginia University in May 2015 with a double major in Environmental Geoscience and International Studies. Her academic interests include climate change mitigation strategies and multinational cooperation. In particular, she would like to focus on how special interests, interdependence and global trade can affect the results of international environmental agreements.
Sidney Michl (002)Sidney Michl Fields of Study: Environmental Politics and Policy; Public Policy and Administration  About: Sidney received a B.A. in environmental science from Northern Arizona University with emphases in biology and sustainability. She is a first year MA student with research interests in environmental policy specifically revolving around water quality and scarcity concerns, global climate change, and natural resource management. Sidney has spent the last few summers camping in backcountry sites and conducting forestry-related research with the Ecological Restoration Institute and is excited to apply her knowledge of the natural sciences into the realm of politics and policy.
MusgravesTammy Musgraves Fields of Study: American Politics; Public Policy and Administration
About:Tammy graduated from the University of Colorado in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and an emphasis in Law Studies. Tammy’s research interests include state and local government, as well as legislative studies.
NelsonZachary Nelson Fields of Study: Political Theory; Environmental Politics and Policy
About:Zach is a second year Masters student studying environmental political theory.  His thesis work currently investigates the moral criteria within Libertarian philosophy and their relationships with modern understandings of nature;  In examining the plausibility of an ecologically-conscious Libertarian theory, this work seeks logical consistency and substantive development with a theory otherwise widely acknowledged in discussions of Liberalism.  Zach received his B.A. in Political Science from the University of South Dakota in 2013 and anticipates receiving his M.A. in May 2016.
Vickie Newlin Fields of Study: Environmental Politics and Policy; Public Policy and Administration
About: Vickie graduated from CSU in May 2014 with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Sociology. Her emphasis in Sociology was criminology and criminal justice. Her professional interests include Public Policy and Administration, along with Environmental Policy in order to aid in making social changes here in Colorado.  Vickie interned at the capital in Denver during the 2014 secession and she loves to travel.
OlsonPhilip Olson Fields of Study: Comparative Politics; Political Theory
About:Philip possesses a B.A In International Affairs and Economics from CU Boulder. His research interests focus on the processes and externalities associated with institutional development and lock-in with a regional emphasis in the Middle East. He hopes to pursue further education in Economics upon graduation.
Elliott SchwebachElliott Schwebach Fields of Study: Political Theory; International Relations  About: Elliott is a first-year MA student with a primary concentration in political theory. His research interests broadly include political economy, international relations theory, social ethics, global threats and the political nature of the internet, as well as abstract issues in political philosophy (e.g., the methods by which we define identity or the ways by which we claim to be free) as they relate to aesthetic considerations.
ThomasPenny Thomas Fields of Study: American Politics; Public Policy and Administration
About:Penny received her BA in Political Science from the University of Chicago. Her current research interests include public opinion and political behavior.
WhitneyRachel Whitney Fields of Study: American Politics; Political Theory
About:Rachel received her undergraduate degree from Northern Arizona University with a major in social studies education and a minor in political science. In her free time, she likes to hike, read, cook, and travel. She is looking forward to working with the students and faculty at Colorado State!