Kyle Saunders

Contact Information

Role: Faculty

Position: Associate Professor

  • American Politics; Political Parties; American and Colorado Elections; Public Opinion; Political Behavior; Public Policy (Energy Environmental and Election Administration); Political/Research Methodology


Kyle L. Saunders is Associate Professor of Political Science at Colorado State University.

  • Professor Saunders' studies and interests include American politics with particular emphases on political behavior and public opinion (e.g. polarization in the electorate) public policy (energy environmental and election administration) American and Colorado elections political parties and political/research methodology.
  • Saunders' research can be found in some of the field's best peer-reviewed journals including the Journal of Politics Political Research Quarterly and Comparative Political Studies as well as in other outlets.
  • Saunders' Google Scholar profile can be found here at this link: GOOGLE SCHOLAR.


Ph.D. Emory University 2001